Monday, February 27, 2017
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SCORE Self-Study Package for MRCP Part 1 is designed to fulfill the tremendous curriculum assigned for the 1st MRCP exam. Our goal is to cover the main topics with guiding adequately-detailed materials which put physicians on the right way to excel the exam topics, keeping in mind their tight schedules and busy minds.


MRCP Self-Study Package includes:

1.SCORE lecture notes:


  • Lecture notes prepared for the 1st MRCP exam, which highly and continuously updated will get you to the most important points without wasting time in irrelevant topics or very detailed level of knowledge.
  • Notes cover the following topics:
    1. Chest
    2. Cardiology
    3. Nephrology
    4. Dermatology
    5. Electrolytes
    6. Endocrinology
    7. Gastroenterology
    8. Hematology
    9. Infectious diseases
    10. Neurology
    11. Psychiatry
    12. Rheumatology
    13. Clinical Pharmacology
    14. Basic Sciences
    15. Statistics & Epidemiology


2.Exam preparation reading list:


  • You will be provided with text books and Q-Banks needed in preparation for MRCP part 1 exam. This list is selected carefully to be compatible with our lecture notes. Thus you will have briefly detailed notes; textbooks to be your reference in certain topics you may find yourself in a need for more details and Q&A papers to train yourself on the exam style questions.
  • Online Specialized Q-Banks are highly recommended before the exam for at least 2 months after finishing the study materials.


3.Live session before your exam:


  • You are recommended to attend a couple of live sessions with our staff before your exam according to live groups’ schedule. Live sessions include 2 types of sessions:
    1. Lectures of some topics we think they have a major difference than your medical background which include [Basic Sciences, Clinical Pharmacology, Electrolytes and Acid-Base balance and Statistics & Epidemiology]
    2. Revision set : you will have the option to get 50% discount on the Live revision course with our Examiners staff before your exam


4.Free exam registration support:


  • As a registered candidate, you will get a free support from SCORE team in your exam registration process.
  • This support includes
    1. Guidance in certificate preparation.
    2. Guidance in exam application filling
    3. Preparation of bank draft and all financial issues “Note that you are still required to pay exam fees”
    4. Revision of all documents and sending it with DHL “You will usually get discount from DHL fees as you will be sending with our candidates”
    5. You can set your mail address to SCORE, so you can be sure all Royal college mails sent to you will be received.

How to register for this package:

You can register for this package by one of the two ways listed below.


- Cash payment: 

  • You can pay the package fees directly in our centre through these steps:
    1. Visit SCORE training at “66 Gamet Eldewal Alarabiya St. – Mohandessen – Giza – Egypt”
    2. Request registration form from customer service agent and fill it with your details and specify which course you are applying for.
    3. Pay the cost in cash. You will receive a receipt indicating package delivery date
    4. In specified date, visit SCORE and receive your package

- Bank deposit payment: 

  • You can pay the package fees by bank deposit through these steps:
    1. Call SCORE at 002-01112590416 to fill registration form and choose delivery method.
    2. Deposit or transfer the total fees to our bank account “Package fees + Shipping fees”
    3. Scan the bank receipt and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    4. Call SCORE to confirm receive of receipt and to know the exact delivery date of the package
    5. You will receive the package within 10 work days from fees deposit in bank.
    6. Call SCORE four months before your exam to get support in exam registration process
  • Call SCORE two months before your exam to know the exact dates of revision lectures.

      SCORE Bank account details as follow:
    • Bank name: Crédit Agricole Egypt
    • Bank branch: SYRIA ST. BRANCH
    • Account number: 23.110.21081
    • Swift Code: AGRiEGCX

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