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  Part 1 Part 2


Primary Medical Qualification

“Bachelor Degree”
  • Passing Part 1.
  • Completion of 12 months in clinical dentistry.
  • 24 months’ full-time postgraduate experience in dentistry. "For Awarding the Diploma".


Basic knowledge and applied knowledge
  • The OSCE component:
    is aimed at assessing the philosophy guiding the candidate’s practice, as well as their competence and application of knowledge.
  • The SCR component: is an assessment of the candidate’s ability to communicate with peers, reason, evaluate, form opinion and apply knowledge obtained through undergraduate and postgraduate experience to current dental practice.

Exam Format

1 paper / 3 hrs duration. It includes different formats of multiple choice questions (MCQ) in the form of extending matching question (EMQ) and single best answer (SBA).
  • Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)
    20 stations of 5-minutes duration each which may include some rest stations, where a candidate will be asked to complete a practical task or a paper-based exercise.
  • Structured Clinical Reasoning (SCR)
    Candidates will be allowed 1 hour to consider background material to the scenarios. This will be followed by 5 / 10-minute structured discussions with 2 different examiners on each occasion on selected aspects of each scenario.

Candidates will undertake the OSCE component and the SCR component in 2 separate examination circuits held on the same day. Each component will take around 2 hours.

Exam Dates

Held 2 times a year
“April – October”
Held 2 times a year
“May - November”


£ 522

£ 660

Availability in Egypt


British Council


All elements of the assessment must normally be completed within 5 years of completion of the Portfolio or of passing Part 1

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